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Originally from Alabama, Hallie chose to take a risk. Leaving behind a promising corporate job, at a young age, in the pursuit of a dream. Hallie's music career started at just 4 years old. Even at such a young age, she found herself leading songs in her local church. From there, her passion for the craft only grew. At 19, she hit #14 on the Itunes country charts with her debut album "Truth Teller" with no label, no promotions teams, just people believing in her music. She's set to follow that up with new music in early 2022. 

When asked why she chose to go into music, she said music is what centers her. What gets her through her hardest days. It's her outlet to express emotions when she doesn't know how, and it's where she often finds courage in her underdog moments. Hallie defines success as knowing that you made it through what you thought you never could. She is excited about the prospect that something she wrote, or a song that she sings, may one day help someone find that emotion, that courage, or get through what they thought they never could. 

She may be Alabama born, but it doesn't take long listening to her songs, to realize she was meant for Music City
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