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Tyler Chambers is a country singer/songwriter based in Nashville, TN. After attending college at Georgia Southern University, the 25 year old Douglas, GA native made a decision on a whim to move to Wyoming and work as a ranch hand. During his experience, Chambers spent his free time focused on music and songwriting, and later booked a one-way trip to Nashville to pursue his dreams. Over the last four years, he has written over 400 songs and performed over 100 shows around the United States. Tyler has been a co-writer on 24 releases with artists including Adam Sanders, Bryce Mauldin, and Noah Hick and is currently writing with country music duo, Muscadine Bloodline. His recent single, "Work Hard Pray Harder" was inspired by the values that he was raised on - working hard, and keeping faith. Tyler is currently in the process of recording his next release.

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